For Sale By Owner

Selling a home by yourself can be a good thing. It can also be a process that is difficult and frustrating. Moving by itself is already such a challenge, why add one more challenge? At Global Trust Realty we believe in taking care of all the details for you! Take a look at this simple list to see some of the benefits of using the team at Global Trust to sell your home, rather than doing it yourself.

Advantages of For Sale By Owner

1. Save on commission of Selling Agent.

Disadvantages of For Sale By Owner

1. Expense of marketing materials. Cost and time to create colorful marketing flyers and other materials that will allow your home to sell quickly.

2. Cannnot get home listed in the MLS. Many agents look exclusively at the MLS for listings and without your home listed in there, they may never bring their client by!

3. Selling your home too low! Without intimate knowledge of the comparable sales data in your area you may list your home thousands of dollars below what it could actually sell for.

4. Preparing the paperwork and legal forms is your responsibility and liability.

5. Difficulty of separating yourself emotionally from your home. Many for sale by owner’s miss out on good offers because they have too great an attachment to their home.

6. It is your job to hold open houses and spend the time to prepare all of the signs and materials necessary to show your home.

7. You must be knowledgeable and aware of all of the laws regarding real estate and disclosures.

8. Most buyers will be represented by a professional agent who may use terminology that you are not familiar with.